Year 2023, Volume 8, Issue 3

Year : 2023
Volume : 8
Issue : 3
Authors :  Beáta ŠUSLIKOVÁ, Vojtěch LUKAS, Renata PLACATOVÁ, Jakub ELBL, Jan KŘEN
Abstract : Precision agriculture is the modern way of farming that uses knowledge of the heterogeneity of soil conditions and crop vigour within the fields for site-specific crop management. In this study, various multispectral remote sensing methods are compared for monitoring of crop development and plant diagnosis. The primary source of information is freely available data from the Sentinel-2 satellite system, which records the earth's surface in 13 spectral bands, including bands with high sensitivity to vegetation parameters (red-edge). The revisit time is approximately 3-4 days, and the spatial resolution is 10 m (Blue light-B, Green light - G, Red light - R, Near Infrared - NIR) and 20 m per pixel (Red-Edge - RE, Short-wave infrared - SWIR). The results of the assessment of crop condition from the field experiments carried out in 2021-2023 at two sites in the Czech Republic funded by research projects AF-IGA2023-IP-036 and TAČR SS01020309 showed a high level of correlation between vegetation indices calculated from multispectral images and vegetation parameters such as aboveground biomass or nitrogen uptake. The highest values were obtained using red-edge vegetation indices, such as Normalized Difference Red Edge Index (NDRE), Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI), Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI). Thus, satellite data can be used to prepare the prescription maps for variable rate application of fertilizers or growth regulators. If more detailed data are required, or in case of unavailability of satellite data due to cloud cover, multispectral unmanned imaging by drones is an option. It provides high operative monitoring to obtain RGB and multispectral orthomosaics with an ultra-high spatial resolution of a few cm without influence of cloud occurrence. 
For citation : Šusliková, B., Lukas, V., Placatová, R.,  Elbl, J., Křen, J. (2023). Use of remote sensing data for crop monitoring in precision agriculture. AGROFOR International Journal, Volume 8. Issue No. 3. pp. 41-48. DOI: 10.7251/AGRENG2303041S
Keywords : site-specific crop management, plant diagnosis, multispectral imaging, vegetation indices, Sentinel-2, UAV.
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