Year 2016, Volume 1, Issue 1

Year : 2016
Volume : 1
Issue : 1
Authors : Milena MOTEVA, Velibor SPALEVIC
Abstract : The goal of this paper is to present a new concept for Agricultural Land-Use Planning as a land-administration activity in today’s market economy. The planning process consists of preparing projects for land use in the agricultural territories. Agricultural Land-Use Planning is developed for the purpose of materializing and stabilizing land tenure, for environmental protection and for ensuring efficient farm economy. The current market economy conditions are new to the country. So far, land management has served the principles of the centralized planned economy under the totalitarian governance of the land. The main deficiencies of that governance are connected with the alienation of land owners from their properties and the liquidation of their interest in land stewardship. Another problem has been the occurrence of soil degradation processes as a consequence of extreme soil exhaustion. The cooperative land cultivation in the past prevented land-use planning from addressing the issues of land tenure. The socio-economic conditions of today’s market economy pose new challenges to the Agricultural Land-Use Planning due to differing and compliance the interests in the public and private sectors. The strategy has to be constructed in such a way that it simultaneously secures land-tenure, environmental protection, and the farms’ economic prosperity. This brings together a number of activities such as research and assessment of soil quality, agricultural cadaster, appraisal of land property, soil protection and soil fertility, environmental and landscapes protection, agricultural land structure design, etc. Based on a survey conducted among professionals and farmers, and on the authors’ critical approach, a new concept for the Agricultural Land-Use Planning as a socio-economic activity has been developed. A number of design activities in the dynamic market environment are included, as well. The paper is written in the form of a comparison between the two socio-economic systems (centrally planned land-use and cooperative land cultivation systems) and contains the main highlights of the new concept.
For citation : Moteva, M., Spalevic, V. (2016). Towards a new concept for the agricultural land-use planning in the new socio-economic conditions in Bulgaria. AGROFOR International Journal, Volume 1. Issue No. 1. pp. 76-85. DOI: 10.7251/AGRENG1601076M
Keywords : land policy, land legislation, agricultural land-use planning, land tenure, land protection
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