Year 2016, Volume 1, Issue 2

Year : 2016
Volume : 1
Issue : 2
Authors : Melekber SULUSOGLU DURUL, Hulya UNVER
Abstract : Medlar has acquired increasing popularity in recent years for its edible fruits and some healing properties in modern medicine. Medlar fruits are often stored under non-cold conditions in straw. This study was conducted to determine morphological and biochemical characteristics of medlar fruits and changes in fruit quality occurring under ordinary storage conditions. For this purpose, eight types of medlar trees were evaluated. The trees were at a mature stage and productive. Morphological properties such as the fruit and seed weight (g), length, and width (mm) were measured after the harvest. Fruit soluble solid content (%) and pH values were determined at physiological maturity after harvesting, and the fruit soluble solid content was measured again at ripening (edible stage), after 25 days of storage under ordinary storage conditions (mean temperature of 10 °C and mean humidity of 65–70%). Leaf characteristics were also determined. The tree productivity was very different between the types, and it was determined to range from 5.9 and 17.8 kg. The fruit weight varied from 9.69 to 24.45 g, while the water content decreased nearly to the half of the harvest values in some genotypes. The soluble solid content changed depending on the water losses and increased during the ripening period. The seed numbers ranged from 1.7 to 4.7 among the types, and the seed weight varied from 0.12 to 0.45 g. The fruits were able to reach ripening maturity in three weeks under the ordinary storage conditions depending on the type. Thus, this method of storage is practical for the medlar producer, but the results clearly showed that the storage period was too short and that the fruit quality was negatively affected. Cold storage conditions are needed to ensure quality and a long selling time.
For citation : Sulusoglu Durul, M., Unver, H. (2016). Morphological and chemical properties of medlar (Mespilus germanica L.) fruits and changes in quality during ripening. AGROFOR International Journal, Volume 1. Issue No. 2. pp. 133-140. DOI:10.7251/AGRENG1602133S
Keywords : medlar, fruit characteristics, storage, ripening
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