Year 2022, Volume 7, Issue 3

Year : 2022
Volume : 7
Issue : 3
Authors : Óscar GARCÍA TUESTA, Jessica GROBA, Laura PIÑA, Seyla GIL, Emilio ANDÚJAR, Carmela DARRIBA, Pablo GONZÁLEZ NOVOA, Yaiza SAN MIGUEL, Francisco MORA, Javier MONTALVO
Abstract : The AGRIECO research project promotes organic farming with local varieties of maize (Zea mays L.). Conservation of agrobiodiversity is important because local varieties show different traits that are valuable for adaptation to climate change. Seed size is a relevant trait for germination and seedling growth, fundamental processes for successful crop production. We analyse the differences in grains of 20 maize local varieties from Galicia (NW Spain), from a seed bank (Phytogenetic Resources Center, CRF-CSIC-INIA) and from local farmers. Multivariate characterization of grain samples from these varieties showed relatively high phenotypic variability in average grain size and other grain physical traits. A measure of grain size, Thousand Kernel Weight (TKW) showed a range of 2.4 times among varieties, from 203 to 497 g, with statistically significant differences between some of them. In addition, TKW showed a 2-fold variation range in the coefficients of variation (CV) among varieties. The average and CV of TKW showed a relatively high negative intervarietal correlation. In addition, intervarietal and intravarietal allometric relationships between grain weight and volume were identified. The results demonstrate evidence of phenotypic differences in reproductive attributes among maize local varieties. They underline the feasibility and importance of a characterization of the components of biodiversity in order to promote their value and agricultural use.
For citation : García Tuesta, O., Groba, J., Piña, L., Gil, S., Andújar, E., Darriba, C., González Novoa, P., San Miguel, Y, Mora, F., Montalvo, J. (2022). Seed size and allometric relationships among local maize varieties in Galicia (NW Spain). AGROFOR International Journal, Volume 7. Issue No. 3 pp. 83-93. DOI: 10.7251/AGRENG2203083G
Keywords : agrobiodiversity, allometry, grain size, Galicia, sustainability.
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