Year 2021, Volume 6, Issue 1

Year : 2021
Volume : 6
Issue : 1
Authors : Pavlyna DZHUS, Olena SYDORENKO, Bindan CHEN, Liumeng LI
Abstract : The efficiency of industrial poultry farming within the optimization of poultry technology, depends on the level of genetic potential of the flock. Selection features of Shaoxing ducks make this kind optimal for its breeding in the People's Republic of China. The study aims to evaluate the morphometric characteristics of Shaoxing duck eggs, which are bred on the breeding farm of Zhejiang Generation Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, China. The weight, length, width of the eggs and the index of the egg shape have been determined. An individual method of counting the number of eggs laid by ducks of the Shaoxing breed for 4 adjacent months has been implemented. The average weight of the egg is 67.45 ± 0.22 g with limit values lim max = 89 g lim min = 45 g. The average value of egg length is 6.02 ± 0.01 cm, width – 4.45 ± 0.01 cm. The duck egg shape index is 74.01 ± 0.12. Thereby systematic individual studies of morphometric parameters of eggs will increase the effect of selection by expanding the indicators of lifelong assessment of the uterine population of ducks. Selection of queens for the breeding core of the breed according to the indicators of manufacturability of morphometric parameters of eggs will increase the incubation yield of ducklings and, accordingly, will be one of the effective mechanisms to ensure economic profitability of breeding Shaoxing ducks.
For citation : Dzhus, P., Sydorenko, O., Chen, B., Li, L. (2021). Analysis of morphometric parameters duck eggs of local breed Shaoxing. AGROFOR International Journal, Volume 6. Issue No. 1. pp. 14-18. DOI:10.7251/AGRENG2101014D
Keywords : Duck, eggs, weight, genetic potential, breed
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