Year 2018, Volume 3, Issue 3

Year : 2018
Volume : 3
Issue : 3
Authors : María Rosa SERVÍN NASICH, Juan Francisco FACETTI
Abstract : One of the most striking features of the ecosystem concept is that their components, through natural structures and processes, render ecological functions, which are valued by society. The objective of this research was to identify and describe ecosystem services provided by the Natural Reserve Yacyretá, in accordance with the goal of Paraguay’s National Law Nº 3,001 of 2006 of conservation, protection, recovery and sustainable development of national natural resources and biological diversity through fair, timely and adequate valuation and payment for ecosystem services. The study was conducted during an environmental monitoring campaign in October 2016 in the reserve, using an ecosystem services checklist constructed based on the classification provided by The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. This reserve is part of the conservation, protection and compensation actions carried out by the Yacyretá Binational Entity in the area of influence of the dam constructed between Paraguay and Argentina for the Hydroelectric Power Station Yacyretá. Its purpose is the protection of ecosystems, communities of biological elements that, due to their rareness, fragility, importance or singularity deserve a special assessment. This reserve has a high representativeness of the resources of the Ñeembucú eco-region, and the presence of two ecosystems scarcely represented in Paraguay, such as forests of arary (Callophyllum brasiliense) and a small formation of vegetated dunes. The reserve provides all four categories of ecosystem services, directly and indirectly. These results will be practical for stablishing conservation strategies to update its management plan and assess access to the system of valuation and payment for ecosystem services.
For citation : Servín Nasich, M. R., Facetti, J. F. (2018). Ecosystem services within a key subtropical region affected by the Yacyreta dam in Paraguay. AGROFOR International Journal, Volume 3. Issue No. 3. pp. 98-105. DOI: 10.7251/AGRENG1803098S
Keywords : Conservation. Ecosystem services. Yacyretá dam
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